should be all about you.


Don't invest in a snapshot. Invest in a work of art.

It is my hope that, when you engage with Susan Ogar Photography, you will not just walk away with snapshots—but rather with cherished pieces of art. This means a careful investment of time and thought goes into each step of the creative process. Together, we will create images to last a lifetime.

Families and Children

Session fees for families and children run from $200 weekday up to (1-hour) to $300 weekend (2-hour). I recommend the longer session for larger, multi-generational groups, as well as for those who would like to take the time to capture “moment in time” lifestyle photographs in addition to those that are posed. Final photo collections including prints, artwork and albums typically range from $500 to $4500. We also offer occasional Garden Studio mini Sessions. Inquire if you are interested in learning more.


I offer a variety of options for Seniors to suit different styles and preferences, ranging from a 30-45 minute “mini session” for $175, to a $1450 premier session which includes a half day location shoot, multiple wardrobe changes, a beautifully designed 20-page Senior book, a custom video slideshow, $150 print credit and 4 fully retouched digital files. 

Contact me
for details on session options.




Before our session, I will take time to get to know you—your personality, your passions and your goals for the photographs. I will listen to your ideas, and share some of my own. We’ll discuss wardrobe and other tips to help you look and feel your best!


I will confirm all the details from our consultation, and answer any last-minute questions. Your portrait session payment is due at this time.


Today we will meet at our chosen location. I will do my best to make sure that our 1 or 2 hour session is fun and relaxing, so that your real self shines through!



The moment you’ve been waiting for!  All decision-makers will meet at my studio to review the finished photographs. I will offer my professional opinion and guidance, and help you choose from canvases, framing, albums and other available products.


Your printed products and artwork are ready to be picked up!


You will choose how to display and share your final portraits.


When preparing for your session, choose clothes that reflect your style and are appropriate for the event. Make sure they are clean and free of wrinkles. Solids and long sleeves look best…even in the summer. The focus will be put on your beautiful faces and smiles and it’s more flattering overall. I always suggest selecting a palette of colors. Your portraits will look more professional if you choose similarly colored clothing. There is no need to be “matchy-matchy” (you aren’t all waiters), but coordination can look excellent and not scripted. If you select a white top, nude toned undergarments photograph much better than white undergarments. Below are some examples of coordinated clothing that works well.